Happiness Skills based on Positive Psychology

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TURN 2 Optimism

The TURN Steps

TURNED is a well tested process which people use to literally turn a negative discouraging situation into a vision of positive potentiality.

Based on the successful ABCDE optimism programme that even helped 8-year olds to process a discouraging and negative home-situation, TURN steps turn around potentially paralyzing experiences.

Over time we can develop a trusting and positive mindset. There is everything to be gained by taking the time to work through this well-tested TURN formula and nothing to lose - except the freedom to grumble and procrastinate!

More details on Optimism skills can be found in Chapter Five: Optimism Skills in Michaela's new book Happiness Skills based on Positive Psychology.

Here however you can download the TURN formula

TURN interactive formula which you can fill in, save or delete


TURN formula which you can save or print for later

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