Happiness Skills based on Positive Psychology

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Self Encourage

Happiness Skill One:
Nourish Positive Emotions

The Happiness Skills Series based on Positive Psychology is expected to be ready at the end 2017. This is a series of videos which explains the easily practised skills that we all need in our back pocket in order to be well and happy.

Each video explains and gives a person a chance to use a particular skill.
Part 2 of each video offers an opportunity to meditate or self care through a guided uplifting reflection by Michaela.

This particular video is a sample version of Session One part 2 on SELF ENCOURAGEMENT a useful skill when nobody else is around to support us!

Happiness Skill Self Encourament

You are invited to repeat some simple positive statements about yourself and possibly to create your own.

This is the actual wording on the sample video:

Listen to the words only

Self Encouragement is useful as others might not always be there to encourage us.
Self-Talk can raise our confidence and it can help us to be stronger in the face of difficulties and suffering.

Positive Affirmations
(For maximum impact please repeat)
I am a beautiful person
I focus on goodness
I contribute goodness to the world
I make mistakes but that is part of learning
Should I fail I will do my best to learn from it
My life is a wonderful gift
I live my life with courage
I focus on positive experiences
I care for myself and look for help when I need it
I approach challenges positively
I am well and happy

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