Happiness Skills based on Positive Psychology

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Safe Space

Create a Safe Space
that puts you in control

It is important to have boundaries around what is private and sacred to us otherwise we might find ourselves putting our lives on hold to cope with other people's demands.

Many people stay helplessly disconnected from their real self because they do not take time and courage to build a strong fortress around their own safety and well-being. They allow authority figures or close family members to run their lives. This can be seriously damaging to their sense of freedom and well-being.

We need to become our own best friend rather than being desperate to please others or measure up to other people's expectations.

This mind/body visualization is inspired by Terry Lynch, a GP in Limerick who has helped numeours people to restore a personal sense of safety and space.

It can be done several times a day to establish a personal space where one can befriend and mind oneself.

Click to Listen to the SAFE SPACE meditation

Download, save or print the SAFE SPACE meditation

More detail can be found in Chapter Six 'Assertiveness and Flow' in Michaela new book
Happiness Skills based on Positive Psychology

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