Happiness Skills based on Positive Psychology

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Problem Solving

DANCER formula

Good problem-solving skills tend to decrease depression, hopelessness and suicidal tendencies.

People with depression, which we know is on the increase in our society, tend to have an overload of unsolved problems.

Helpful feel good hormones are activated when we take an optimistic 'can-do' approach even if initially we do not know the solution to our problems.

There is a simple formula that has been observed in people who are successful at personal problem-solving. Some people will naturally possess this skill but it can be learned by all of us. Read more in Chapter Seven: Problem Solving in Michaela's new book Happiness Skills based on Positive Psychology.

The DANCER problem-solving formula which involves brainstorming and assessing the pros and cons of each suggested solution can be accessed here:

Problem Solving Box
Solutions to our problems

Interactive DANCER Problem-solving formula
this permits you to work through the formula,
save it and print it, or simply delete it once you
are finished using it.


Save and print out for later

Example of DANCER Problem Solving
explained in detail in Michaela's new book
Happiness Skills based on Positive Psychology

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