Happiness Skills based on Positive Psychology

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Gratitude Formula

Recalling good experiences

In Europe and North America depression and anxiety is on the increase, starting at a younger age than ever before (WHO). Even though we might have everything we need regarding food, shelter and stimulating experiences the awareness of all the ways we do not measure up to media images of success can be stressing us out.

The daily feed from all corners of the world of tragic events can cancel out the good and nourishing experiences we experience over the day. Our brains can become too aware of dangers and make us feel helpless to the point of not enjoying our lives.

People who take time out to reflect on and write down some of the small and big positive experiences they are having, create a positive memory store which stands to them when they are experiencing adversity.

The awareness of good things and people experienced over the day or week, and how one has helped that come about, increases our sense of power to create a meaningful and happy life for ourselves. We stimulate the feel good hormones that have such a healing effect on our minds and bodies when we deliberately focus on good things that have happened.

Here you can download the Gratitude Formula which helps you just do that:

Gratitude planting of Positive Emotions

Interactive GRATITUDE Formula
this permits you to work through the formula,
save it and print it, or simply delete it once you
are finished using it.


Save and print out for later

Gratitude building is explained further in Michaela's new book
Happiness Skills based on Positive Psychology

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