Happiness Skills based on Positive Psychology

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Positive Affirmations create
new Optimistic Brainways

Practise reading, click to listen to or
reflect on these positive affirmations:

'It's ok to be upset sometimes, it's an opportunity to learn something about myself and my own feelings.'

'I get on with others; there may be upsets and misunderstandings, but that's all part of learning about each other'

'I am a good person. I may make mistakes, but that's okay as long as I am willing to learn from them.'

'I am a capable person. I have special Character Strengths which I will continue to investigate and develop.'

'I can do!'

'I will do!'

'Everything can be turned to advantage'

'Life is good for me! And for others'

By continuing on to use these or your own personal positive affirmations you are creating a hopeful future for yourself.

More details can be found in Chapter Five: Optimism Skills in Michaela's new book Happiness Skills based on Positive Psychology.

Optimistic brainways

The feel-good hormones
dopamine and serotonin
flood the brain when we
use positive affirmations.

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